What an internship consist on?

The internship program that we organize in MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency consists on staying in a company or organization in a foreign country for a period of time. The aim of this stay is to offer more opportunities to the young people, adapting their skills to the labour market in an international scale. They will visualize the world from an international view, being aware of the cultural differences as well as acquiring professional experience.

This internship program also offers formational courses for the job as well as language courses.

This program is suitable for young people who already have the degree and also for those who are still studying.

What can I get from an internship?

There are so many advantages for the participants:

- Having a better understanding of the social, politic and cultural framework of the country
- More job opportunities and increase of the networking
- Development of the capacities: solving problems, working in group, communication, taking decisions, autonomy, flexibility…
- Self-confidence increasing
- Improvement of the foreign language that will help you in finding a job in the future
- Improvement of your CV that will be different to others’
- Great opportunity to meet the labour market during your educational period.
You will have a tutor:

The hosting company will appoint you a tutor who will monitor your tasks and help you in anything related with your job.

What kinds of companies participate?

Every organization from the public or the private sector can participate on this program, whatever is his size, personality or economic sector

How long does the internship period last?

The internship stay will last between 3 and 12 months. However, MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will negotiate with every company the length of the internship, so that it can vary from organization to another.

Is it necessary to know the language of the destination country?

Not always. It is compulsory having a basic level of that language the participant will use when performing his/her tasks. For instance, if in the department where the participant will work his/her colleagues talk in French, this is the language needed for this job.

Regardless, if you are coming to Spain we suggest you to learn Spanish because you are living in this country where no many people speak foreign languages. So it will make easier your stay.

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will offer you Spanish courses before you start your internship as well as during your stay.

How much does it cost applying for this program?

The price for participating on this program is 300 euros and it will allow you to postulate as many candidatures as you want to any company we offer you until you will find one that satisfies you. Spanish courses are not included on this price.

If MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency cannot offer you any internship according to your profile or preferences, we will refund you the money.

Below we inform you when you must make the deposit.

How much will I earn?

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will negotiate with every company the wage you will receive depending on the tasks you will develop, schedule, responsibilities, etc. In those internships that are not paid, the company will at least pay for your accommodation and food.

What does MULTIDESTINO offer to the trainee?

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency offers you internships in Spain, concretely in the city of Valladolid. Simply fill the form (LINK) and write down your preferences. We will find that internship you are looking for.

Before arriving to the hosting country:

- We will look for a suitable company for you taking into account your conditions and your preferences described in your application form
- We will propose you different companies and you must choose according to your preferences. It includes private companies as well as public, foundations, associations or NGO’s.
- We will help you to get any document you need from your country of origin
- We will help you with the transport for arriving to the destination country (best rates, ways of transport…)

During your stay in the hosting country:

- In Valladolid, we will pick you up from the airport or the station. If you are going to another place, we will arrange your arrival and another agency from the hosting country will welcome you.
- We promise to help you with every administrative certificate (i.e.: the European Health Insurance Card, certificates of residence, visa, etc.)
- We will ensure during your first week that your stay will be as wished and we will help you if there is any problem that arises.
- We will inform you very frequently of every cultural activities in the city, how to organise your free time in leisure activities, courses that you might follow, trips to do, cultural activities, youth associations, sport facilities or any other thing you will ask us to ensure you a warm stay
What must I do for applying?

1.- Firstly you must:
- Write your contact details and your preferences (here)
2.- We will contact you and you must send us:
- The application form fulfilled (download)
- Your Curriculum Vitae
- 1 ID photography
3.- Once we have accepted your application, you must send us:
- A covering letter in English, French or Spanish introducing yourself, talking about yourself, why you want to apply for this program, what do you expect from it, future plans, etc.
- A photocopy of a certificate of your studies and marks until now
- A photocopy of your passport
- A photocopy of your European Health Insurance Card

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will inform you about how to get all these documents

4.- We will inform you about those companies we think you can fit according to your professional profile. It will be you who must indicate us which company do you want we put you in contact with and offer your candidature.

Afterwards we will put both of you in contact. Then you can ask them every question you like (schedule, tasks to perform, description of the company, wage…)

5.- If the company accepts your candidature, you need to make de deposit of 300 € in the account we will provide you.

If we do not find any internship for you for your suitable dates, MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will refund you your money.

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