What an internship consist on?

What an internship consist on?

The internship program that we organize in MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency consists on staying in a company or organization in a foreign country for a period of time. The aim of this stay is to offer more opportunities to the young people, adapting their skills to the labour market in an international scale. They will visualize the world from an international view, being aware of the cultural differences as well as acquiring professional experience.

This internship program also offers formational courses for the job as well as language courses.

This program is suitable for young people who already have the degree and also for those who are still studying.

What benefits can my company gets from hiring a trainee?

Hosting a foreign participant offers many benefits to your organization:

• You will get a well-trained and motivated young person who wants to undertake projects that will help t develop your business.
• The trainee will provide new perspectives
• The most part of the participants have a productive capacity and they want to contribute helping your company. It will also permit them to acquire new skills that can benefit them for the future.
• It will create the possibility for exchanging knowledge and experience in the field of innovation and creativity by having contact with foreign staff that will bring a different perspective.
• It will give an international dimension to your company, making it easier to expand your business into other countries.

Nowadays it is very usual having trainees and those companies who participates on these programs are very satisfied having a wide acceptance.

The hosting company will name a tutor who will monitor the trainee’s tasks and help him/her in anything related with the job.

What kinds of companies participate?

Every organization from the public or the private sector can participate on this program, whatever is his size, personality or economic sector

How long does the internship period last?

The internship stay will last between 3 and 12 months. However, MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will negotiate with every company the length of the internship, so that it can vary from organization to another.

Is it necessary to know the language of the destination country?

Not always. It is compulsory having a basic level of that language the participant will use when performing his/her tasks. For instance, if in the department where the participant will work his/her colleagues talk in French, this is the language needed for this job.

However, we suggest our participants having a minimum knowledge of the language of the hosting country so that they will have fewer difficulties in the daily life.

The language skill of the participants is generally high. However, the main problem that they face at the beginning of their stay is the self-confidence when communicating in a foreign language; the situation is different to learn English in a class than used in the day by day.

What position will the trainee have in my company?

Once in your company the trainee will be considered as a member of the team having the same obligations as the others (working hours, discipline, etc.).

What type of project or tasks is he going to develop in my company?

Overall, the program does not require the trainees to develop a specific project. The main aim is to acquire professional experience in a European company contributing into your business in a successful way.

How much does it cost applying for this program?

The company shall pay the sum of 300 euros as concept of administration costs of the internship program

If MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency cannot offer you any trainee according to your the preferences, we will refund you the money.

Should I pay a salary to the trainee?

The company itself decides whether the internship is going to be paid or unpaid. It depends on the tasks to develop, schedule, responsibilities, etc. Internships that are not paid, we suggest to the company to cover at least the costs of room and board.

What does MULTIDESTINO offer to the company?

We offer the possibility of finding a suitable candidate according to the company’s needs.

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will collect different professional profiles of potential candidates and establish a personal interview in order to offer them a host company where the candidate best fits.

What does MULTIDESTINO offer to the trainee?

In MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency we take care on finding for the potential trainees a place in company or organization according to their profiles. It includes private companies as well as public, foundations, associations or NGO’s.

Above all, MULTIDESTINO promises to give a personal treatment since the candidate presents his/her application until his/her stay finishes with the hosting company.

We will help them to get any document they need from your country of origin, we will help you with the transport for arriving to the destination (best rates, ways of transport…)

We promise to help them with every administrative certificate (i.e.: the European Health Insurance Card, certificates of residence, visa, etc.)

We will inform them very often of every cultural activities in the city, how to organise your free time in leisure activities, language courses that they might follow, trips to do, cultural activities, youth associations, sport facilities or any other thing they will ask us to ensure them a warm stay.

What must I do for applying?

The company can contact us by email
1.- Firstly, the company must define what are the profiles of the candidates that the it needs. Fill this form
MULTIDESTINO will send you a form where the company will describe the tasks to be performed by the trainee, time, knowledge required, compensation, etc..
2.- MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will select those candidates who fit to the profile required proceeding to establish an interview with them, proof of language skills, check the CV data…
3.- MULTIDESTINO offer the possibility to the host company to put in contact with the candidates selected for making its own interview.
4.- If the company finally decides to accept the candidacy of any person selected, the searching stage for candidates will be given as finished.
It is at this moment where the company must pay 300 euros in the account number that we will provide it as concept of administration costs of the internship program
5.- MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will make all necessary arrangements for the trainee:
- Management of administrative procedures
- Facilitate a “Collaboration agreement between employer and trainee”
- Transport for the trainee from his/her home country to the destination country
- Advice and support throughout the duration of the internship

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