What does the au-pair program consist on?

What does the au-pair program consist on? An au-pair is a young person who becomes a temporary member of a family, who takes the opportunity to improve their language skills and get acquainted with a new culture. In exchange for free board and lodging, a private room and pocket money, the au pair will take care of the children and help with light housework.

In MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency, we know that the best way to learn a foreign language to live in said country. That is why we ensure that in a short period of time you will progress quickly.

Becoming an au-pair requires living with the family, taking part in their routine, becoming accustomed to their habits and participating in their activities.

What an au-pair is NOT:

- An au-pair will NEVER be treated as a house keeper, but welcomed as a member of the family
- The au-pair program is an exchange program and NOT a work contract.

Advantages of being an au-pair:

- Acquire knowledge of a foreign country
- Hands on approach to a foreign culture
- Acquire responsibilities
- You will not have to pay anything for lodging or meals
- You will have your own bedroom
- Many families, during their holidays, invite you to come with them
- You will have one or two days off every week
- You will receive pocket money. On average 70 to 120 euros a week, depending on the family and the tasks you accomplish
- We will be in charge of every administrative document you need for living in Spain

Note: In case of you need a visa, you must request it to the Embassy by yourself. If you come from any European Union country, you will not need a visa.

Tasks that a person au-pair generally must carry out:

Within the family should, mainly:

- Dedicate 5 or 6 hours a day looking after the children (playing with them, helping them with the homework, preparing food…), as well as other small tasks (to wash children’s clothes, prepare the table for eating, tidy their bedrooms, take them to the school or to other extra-curricular activities…)
- Teach the children English, French, German or another language the parents may want.
- One or two nights a week you will look after the children (babysitting) when the parents are out for the evening
- The length of the stay may vary from 2 months up to 1 year. Your stay may be extended up to 2 years
- The au-pair should observe the customs and way of life of the family, respect and adhere to the rules of the household, and perform the tasks to the best of his/her ability.
- The au-pair will gain an invaluable experience from learning a new culture and a foreign language from the family. The au-pair should remember to try his/her best and keep in mind that flexibility and adaptability are key characteristics when being immersed in a new culture.

Note: All these requirements may vary depending on the necessities of the host family. However family and au-pair will always sign an “Au-pair and family Agreement” that will describe the tasks and responsibilities from each part.

Requirements for becoming au-pair:

- Being between 18 and 30 years old
- Speaking the language of the host family/country is not compulsory, but you must be willing to learn it
- You can be a boy or a girl. It will be the families who decide gender preference
- Willing to collaborate on the tasks assigned
- Willing for look after children and enjoys spending time with them
- Being patient, cooperative, enthusiastic, flexible and amicable
- Willing to do small household tasks
- To be healthy, and set a good example for the children
- At least 2 references from people that certify that they are responsible and with the experience and attitude to look after children
- No criminal record
- Hold a valid visa (in the case they come from a non-European Union country)

How to apply?

1.- Firstly, you must:
- Write your contact details and your preferences (LINK)
2.- We will contact you and you must send us:
- The application form fulfilled (LINK)
- Your Curriculum Vitae
- 1 ID photography
- Several photographs where you appear with your family, friends, children you have taken care of.
3.- Once we have accepted your application, you must send us:
- A medical certificate from your doctor specifying you do not have any contagious disease. It must have been issued from at least three months ago.
- A non-criminal certificate issued by the Police of your country
- 2 references from people that certify that you are someone responsible and attitude for looking after children. It might be written by people whose children you have looked after as well as teachers. They must include their telephone numbers and addresses.
- A cover letter talking about yourself, why you want to apply for this program, what you expect from the experience, future plans, hobbies, etc. (in English, French or Spanish)
- A photocopy of your passport
- A photocopy of your European Health Insurance Card
MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will inform you about how to obtain all these documents
4.- Once we have found a suitable family according to your profile, we will put you in contact with them and you may conduct a mini-interview and ask the family whatever questions you like as well as share some information about you (examples of questions may be concerning the daily tasks, routine, the children, description of the house, pocket money to receive…) We will also send you a cover letter from the hosting family with photos, description of the house, etc.

4.- If you accept the family that MULTIDESTINO has offered you, you need to make s deposit of 300 € in the account we will provide you.

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will help you with every issue related with your stay (including flights, trains or any other way of transport) If you are coming to Valladolid, we will pick you up from Valladolid airport or from the station.

5.- MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will draw up an “Au-pair and family agreement” that you must sign up. It states:
- Au-pair working hours per week
- Housekeeping and tasks to be done by the au pair
- Pocket money per week
- Days and time off
- Schedule at weekends
- Baby-sitting nights per week
- Coexistence rules
- Responsibilities and commitments.

What does MULTIDESTINO do for the au-pair?

Above all, MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency promises to give personal service from the time the au-pair presents his/her application until the stay ends with the hosting family.

Before arriving to the hosting country:

- We will look for a suitable family for you taking into account your conditions and your preferences described in your application form
- We will choose a host family for you and we will conduct a background check to determine reliability
- We will propose you different families and you must choose one according to your preferences
- We will help you obtain any documents that you need from your country of origin
- We will help you with the transport for arriving to the destination country (best rates, ways of transport…)

During your stay in the host country:

- If you are coming to Valladolid, we will pick you up from the airport or the station and we will introduce you to the hosting family. If you are going to another place, we will arrange your arrival and your hosting family will welcome you.
- We promise to help you with every administrative certificate and process (i.e.: the European Health Insurance Card, certificates of residence, visas, etc.)
- We will ensure during your first week that your stay will be what you expected and we will help you if there is any problem that arises.
- We will inform you of cultural activities in the city and the best way to organize free time. We will provide details of courses available, local trips, youth associations, sport facilities and any other piece of information requested to the au-pair a warm stay.


Our au-pair programme is regulated by the Council of Europe through the European Agreement of au-pair (number 068), placement signed in Strasbourg the 24th of November of 1969. This agreement was also ratified by Spain the 6th of September of 1988. One year later the Ministry of the Foreign Issues approved the Resolution of 15/6/89 concerning the au-pair placement in Spain.

(FAQ) Frequent Asked Questions

Do I need any medical or accident insurance?

If you come from any European Union country, you will not need any insurance, you will only need to keep your European Health Insurance Card with you. Once you arrive to Valladolid, MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will help you in order to offer you a Doctor, without any charge for you.

If you come from a non-European Union country you must get medical or accident insurance. We can help you for getting it.

How can I know that the family you have chosen is correct for me?

It will be you who will have the final decision. MULTIDESTINO will select the families according to the au-pair’s preferences and profile, but the final decision is yours.

What happens if there is not a good relationship with the family?

We will do as much as we can to offering you a new family, but take into account that it takes little time to find another family that fits with your preferences. Usually, some problems that can arise are related with misunderstandings or cultural gaps.

Remember that communication and patience are key.

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will mediate between you and the family in order to solve any problem.

Will I have enough time to attend language courses?

Yes, you will have enough free time for doing whatever you want. We will also help you in finding economic language schools.

Will I have time for travelling?

Yes, and it is even very common that families invite you to travel with them if they still need the au-pair services for looking after their children (it is very common in summer holidays) In this case, the family will pay the costs of the trip.

On the other hand, you will have days off for travelling too. In this case, you must pay for your own travel.

How much pocket money will I receive?

Every week the family will give you an amount of money for little expenses considered pocket money. Usually, they pay between 70 € and 120 € depending on your responsibilities, number of working hours, number of hours as babysitting, etc. It will be agreed by both parts.

How long does the au-pair program last?

The au-pair program lasts as long as you want, but usually the au-pairs stay with the families no more than 12 months. This period may be extended up to 2 years, depending on the circumstances
Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have
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