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What does the au-pair program consist of?

An au-pair is a young person who becomes a temporary member of a family, who takes the opportunity to improve their language skills and get acquainted with a new culture.
In exchange for free board and lodging, a private room and pocket money, the au pair will take care of the children as well as help with light housework.
Becoming an au-pair requires living with the family, taking part in their routine, becoming accustomed to their habits and participating in their activities.

What an au-pair is NOT:

• An au-pair will NEVER be treated as a house keeper, but welcomed as a member of the family
• The au-pair program is an exchange program and NOT a work contract.

Tasks that a person au-pair generally must carry out:

Within the family should, mainly:
- Dedicate 5 to 6 hours a day looking after the children (playing with them, helping them with the homework, preparing food…), as well as other small tasks (to wash children’s clothes, prepare the table for eating, tidy their bedrooms, take them to the school or to other extra-curricular activities…)
- Teach the children English, French, German or another language the parents may want. It is possible that the parents demand the au-pair talking to the children in one of these languages (often the au-pairs native language)
- One or two nights per week the au-pair will look after the children (babysitting) when the parents are out for the evening
- The length of the stay may vary from 2 months up to 1 year. The stay may be extended up to 2 years
- The au-pair should observe the customs and way of life of the family, respect and adhere to the rules of the household, and perform the tasks to the best of his/her ability.
- The au-pair will gain an invaluable experience from learning a new culture and a foreign language from the family. The au-pair should remember to try his/her best and keep in mind that flexibility and adaptability are key characteristics when being immersed in a new culture.

What is the profile of the au-pair candidates?

For the most part the candidates are girls from the European Union, university students with a high level of English, and experience looking after children acquired by means of babysitting, teaching, working in summer camps or previous experience as au-pair in other countries.

The requirements of MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency for becoming au-pair are:

- Being between 18 and 30 years old
- Speaking the language of the host family/country is not compulsory, but they must be willing to learn it
- The au-pair can be a boy or a girl. It will be the families who decide gender preference
- Willing to collaborate on the tasks assigned
- Willing for look after children and enjoys spending time with them
- Being patient, cooperative, enthusiastic, flexible and amicable
- Willing to do small household tasks
- To be healthy, and set a good example for the children
- References from people that certify that they are responsible and with the experience and attitude to look after children
- No criminal record
- Hold a valid visa (in the case they come from a non-European Union country)

Requirements and obligations of the family:

- The main requirement for hosting an au-pair is wanting to promote and participate in a linguistic and cultural exchange
- To offer a clean and tidy home
- To offer the au-pair his/her own room and privacy
- To provide balanced meals
- Treat them like a member of the family and not as a house keeper
- Offering them 1 or 2 days off per week, preferably at the weekends
- To commit giving to the au-pair pocket money every week (between 70 and 120 euros) depending on the tasks he/she performs
- The person that stays with the host family should feel welcome, have enough free time to make friends, see the surroundings and attend language courses. The host family must do everything possible to make this stay as pleasant as possible.

How to apply?

1.- Firstly, you must:
- Write your contact details and your preferences (here)
2.- We will contact you and you must send us:
- The application form fulfilled (download)
- Several photographs where you appear with members of your family
- A cover letter talking about the family, why you want to apply for this program, what you expect from the experience, hobbies, etc.
- Send us a photocopy of an ID card from one member of the family
3.- Once we have accepted your application, one agent of MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will make contact with you to further arrange details of the program.
4.- If we accept your application, MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will offer you the choice between several au-pair’s and you may choose one according to your preferences. We will put you in contact with him/her and you may conduct a mini-interview and ask the person question whatever questions you like as well as share some information about your family (examples of questions may be concerning the daily tasks, routine, the children, description of the house, pocket money to receive…)
5.- If you accept the au-pair that MULTIDESTINO has offered you, you need to make a deposit of 300 euros in the account we will provide you.
6.- MULTIDESTINO will help the au-pair with every issue related with his/her stay (including flights, trains or any other way of transport)
7.- MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will draw up an “Au-pair and family agreement” that you must sign up. It states:
- Au-pair working hours per week
- Housekeeping and tasks to be done by the au pair,
- Pocket money per week
- Days and time off
- Schedule on weekends
- Baby-sitting nights per week
- Coexistence rules
- Responsibilities and commitments.

(FAQ) Frequent Asked Questions

How can I know that the au-pair you have chosen is correct for us? It will be you who will have the final decision. MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will select the au-pair according to the family’s preferences and profile, but the final decision is yours.

What happens if there is not a good relationship with the au-pair?

We will do as much as we can to offer you a new au-pair, but take into account that it takes little time to find another au-pair that fits with your preferences. Usually, some problems that can arise are related with misunderstandings or cultural gaps.

Remember that communication and patience are key.

MULTIDESTINO Youth Mobility Agency will mediate between you and the au-pair in order to solve any problem.

What if the au-pair is sick?

If the au-pair comes from any European Union country, he/she will hold the European Health Insurance Card that permits him/her to use most of the medical services in case of illness or accident.

The cost of medicine is usually paid by the host family in case of minor ailments such as the common cold, minor flu, etc.

If the au-pair does not come from a non-European Union country he/she must get medical or accident insurance.

How long does the au-pair program last?

The au-pair program lasts as long as you want, but usually the au-pair stays with the family no more than 12 months. This period may be extended up to 2 years, depending on the circumstances.

What if the au-pair that is not suited to the family or does not comply with the agreement?

In that case, it is best to speak with the au-pair and tell them what you dislike of his/her behaviour. You must understand that they are in a different family with new habits (meal times, kind of food, children, etc.).

It is very important to speak with the au-pair within the first days after his/her arrival and explain what you expect from him/her; if necessary make a weekly schedule with daily tasks (this will greatly facilitate the adaptation)

If the differences are not resolved, the agency will discuss privately with the au-pair, and if we do not come to a solution, we will seek another au-pair for the family and another family for the au-pair.

How long does it take before a family can receive an au-pair?

It depends on several factors, but mainly on the requirements that the family has in comparison to the au-pairs available.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have
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